Garage Organizing – Will your Car Fit this Winter?

Garage Organizing with NO budget - $0 (before)Like most people, you probably have used your garage for more than just a place to tuck the car in bed at night. In fact most people don’t even have room for a car in their garage. I took on this small, 1-car garage that has not had room for any vehicle in a very long time… There were no new items purchased to make this work. So, I know anyone can do this on, literally a $0 budget!

*First things first. Take a look around. There are certainly going to be items you have not missed since you threw them in the garage when you thought, I will probably use them someday…. Well, you haven’t used them. Decide whether you will keep items, throw them away or find someone who can really use these items. It’s time to purge and edit. Just keep reminding yourself how nice it will feel this winter, NOT to wipe snow and scrape ice off your vehicle. Keep telling yourself “It’s the car’s home. It’s the car’s home”.
*Next, put “like items” in the same areas. For example; I found this garage to have a lot of engine oil bottles in different areas. It is extremely time-saving when you know the area you will go to find vehicle ‘top up’ fluids, etc. It also helps to find things less used and put them up high. There were spare floor boards and shingles which were going to be only in emergency items, so I placed them high in the rafters. In case of emergency, they can be reached by a ladder and if there’s never a need for them, it’s ok too because they aren’t wasting precious floor space.
*If you do not have a shed to house things like lawn mowers, you will have to keep them as tight to the top of the garage so they are not in the way of parking your car.
*You can stack waterproof boxes – like the ones by Rubbermaid (ALWAYS LABELLED!) with things like Christmas lights, extension cords, etc.
*I also took advantage of existing shelving that was being poorly used and hopefully in placing “like” items together, this will help them maintain the system. Have a look at the after pictures and notice it’s nothing fancy, just the basics – getting items on existing shelving, giving all items “a home” and a family(they should stay together), making things convenient. When all is said and done, you will be much happier 😀
Tanya 🙂
Garage Organizing with NO budget - $0Garage Organizing with NO budget - $0Garage Organizing with NO budget - $0Garage Organizing with NO budget - $0


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