Closet Organizing – Is it time for you to edit?

Do you ever find yourself looking in your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear” or “where did it put that top?”… I’m sure you have. Sometimes there’s so much clutter, we just can’t see beyond that pile of “stuff”.

We cherish our clothes. Most often, they are purchases from our hard earned money; they represent our style and individuality. Styles come and go, and sometimes we forget to let go of some of our old, closeted items. There are many reasons people tend to hold on to old items. Here are just a few:
1. Too Sad – Since we spend that hard-earned money on the clothes, we feel bad to say goodbye to that money. It hurts to just ditch them. 🙁
2. Outa Site, Outa Mind – They can be forgotten, as they get pushed back further and further when new items show up.
No Time! – We’re BUSY people! We just don’t have time to edit out old stuff.

Let me try and push you to defeat 1, 2 and 3:
1. You will be happier – Think of it this way; if you are not wearing certain items anymore, then they’re just taking up valuable real estate in your closet – You want that valuable real estate back, right?! (if the items you hold onto are totally out of style, we all know you would not be caught dead wearing something out of style ;). And most items never quite make it back in style the same way they were 10 years ago unfortunately – or fortunately depending whether or not you liked it the 1st time around. ;))
If they are not completely out of style, but you know you haven’t worn it for a year, perhaps there is some friend or family member who could make use of them. And for other items may be helpful if you take those clothing items and give them away to a non-profit organization. They are always looking for donations, and this will help not feel so sad about letting go…

2. Bring them to the Forefront – There is a rule to live by in a lot of areas in life and you may have heard other experts speak of this for other reasons. It is the “80/20 Rule”. It is said that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. You may doubt this, so here’s a little trick to find out what you are using most in your closet. Whatever way you put away your hanging items, put them in the opposite way. As you wear, and re-put away items, put them back the way you are used to doing it. In a few weeks, you will see how many hangers face one way and how many face the other way. These are the items which should be scrutinized and will make it easier to decide which should stay and which should go. Below are two pictures, one with the hangers in the shape of a question mark(which is my preferable method, always!), and another of a backwards question mark shape.
Hangers Hangers in Another way

3. You WILL save time – Looking at this big job looks like a daunting task, but you know what they say no pain, no gain. But don’t feel scared, it will take less time than you think and the feeling you get at the end will more than make up for the time it took. Also, think about how much time you waste looking for items in your closet! What a waste of time – this can be many minutes EVERY DAY. That adds up. If you can get your closet cleared up and organized, you will get back all those “many minutes” every day! Yay :D. So when you think of it that way, you will actually gain back time in your life, not take up time. And really, it doesn’t have to be done in a day. Take a week or so and do a little bit every night. Eventually, you will have a lovely closet that you’ll wanna invite people over to see. :). p.s. you could always call me if you need help 😉

The Closet Makeover
I worked with someone who decided she had to tackle all those reasons, just dig in and get it done. She has a great wardrobe, but she had just been adding and adding to her closet and it was leading to not only frustration daily, but check out the picture below – her closet’s rod was beginning to “bow”. It looks like this rod is suffering to say the least. This closet makeover came just in time – I don’t think it was strong enough to hold on much longer.
rubbermaid closet makeover 006

We headed out to Home Depot and she decided on a closet system that worked for her budget. Then we popped over to Winners and grabbed some hangers and decorative boxes. Back to her place to get crackin’. 🙂
rubbermaid closet makeover 001
rubbermaid closet makeover 004
We began like all good jobs – making a mess. lol. Sometimes it has to get messier before it gets more organized – sounds weird, but totally true.
We removed EVERYTHING from the closet. Then comes the task… Make piles.
*Toss pile, *Donate pile, *KEEP pile, and of course there may be a pile of *Hmmmmmm – the maybe pile(we leave that til the end and revisit this one. In the end you may find you are willing to give up more than you imagined).
In the meanwhile, we had her son install the new Rubbermaid closet system with both hanging and shelf space.
The finished product turned out beautifully.
rubbermaid closet makeover 010
rubbermaid closet makeover 011

Some things we did to help her get organized was to use a couple of decorative boxes. They look great in the closet, but inside one holds her scarves and the other, her small ‘clutch’ purses. These are not items she uses everyday, but if she is looking for them, she will know Exactly where to find them.
We also took a bin and put seasonal items that she knew she would NOT be wearing over the next 6 months and filled it. That got stored, but now she knows where her summer stuff is located(in the clear bin). Just in case she is going on an emergency winter vacation 😉 , she will be able to find that stuff quickly as well. She purchased all new hangers so that there would be one cohesive look(this helps feel more organized just at a glance. A variety of hanger styles can make it feel cluttered even if it is not). We put her clothes back with thought to how she could easily find items, trying also to keep “like” colours close to one another. For example; cardigan sweaters were hung together, and we went from dark to light – black, grey, muted colors, light colors, taupes, beiges, whites…
I hope you feel inspired to do yours too, because this one turned out great 😀 . This is a closet she can be proud of.

Thanks for tuning in
Tanya 🙂


  1. This closet looks great Tanya! I love the shoe rack
    Keep the ideas coming. I went through my closet and gave away a ton of clothes last month.

  2. Do you have any creative ideas for storing car tires over the winter?
    I am running out of space in my garage.
    Have you seen any storage solutions for tires in the garage ?

    • Yes Alisa,
      They are so big and bulky. I have heard of some people piling the tires up to 8 high if you have more than one person in the household who needs to store them.
      -You could put them in the basement if that’s a possibility(not near the furnace due to off-gasses)
      -Or you could simply purchase a Mastercraft TIRE HOOK from Canadian Tire. I think they are $15 each. They get mounted on the wall, therefore you are using vertical space instead of floor space.
      Good luck 🙂

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