Quickie Freezer Organizing

Do you have one of these?  Well, those who love to stock up on meat, bread, and other frozen goodies, have one and they are GREAT…..until you can’t find anything! We have a tendency to purchase “freezables” and/or make soups and sauces for freezing because we feel we have SO much room in the spare freezer.  We tend to put things into the freezer all willy nilly, where they wind up piled upon, and we have no clue what went in when, and how freezer burnt it’s becoming as we throw some more on top, weekly.

freezer organizing 011    freezer organizing 004

This style of freezer is usually quite deep and very easily becomes disorganized.  I wanted a ‘quick fix’ to keep it more organized.  I went out and purchased a few plastic stacking shelves. I wanted to make an “L” shape with my shelves, but turns out I should have done some measuring before I went to the store, as they didn’t all fit. 🙁 So please let my mistake be a lesson – MEASURE, measure, measure, 😉

freezer organizing 001    freezer organizing 002

This is how the freezer looked before I began.

freezer organizing 007  freezer organizing 005

  • I began by taking all items out.  As you take them out, be sure a place “like” items together so you will know how much room to allow for each category when replacing them afterwards. This took about 5 minutes total.

  • The quick way to remove frost – I used a utility scraper (the kind a painter or tiler might use). It only took about 2-3 minutes. 🙂  Very hot water on a cloth will work on any areas where something may have spilled.

  • This freezer let me stack two shelves high. After placing the shelves,  I replaced all the items.  Be sure to look at the ‘best before’ dates and put those items closest to the top of each “like” item.

  • I made simple labels, just by writing on them and using an arrow for quick reference.

freezer organizing 017

This whole process only took about 15 minutes total.  Of course, you may take a look at items and discover some of them are freezer burnt, then a trip to the trash is in order as well.  It’s such a shame that we put these items in the freezer with the best of intentions.   But then to have them get ruined, is discouraging to say the least.  By organizing the freezer a little better, we can continue to save money and enjoy our food.  After all, we put it there, originally because we spent our precious time making those soups and sauces – probably a whole day on the weekend was dedicated to messing up the kitchen, feet hurting and such a proud moment as the jars were filled.  Off to the freezer 🙂 .  And then, of course, we found a great sale on meat or bread, etc. and decided to stock up because WE have a freezer in the basement or garage.  So take a few minutes and get yours back in order so you can continue to save time and money in the long run! 🙂

freezer organizing 019   freezer organizing 018

By using the height of these deep freezers with stackable shelving, you can see your items much easier and access is simple.  Everything is visible right away.  You can open the lid, take a peek, and see exactly what you have and need in the blink of an eye. Yay 😀 But if you need help or would rather have it DONE “in the blink of an eye” without even touching it – call me 😉

Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. Something that I do which I find to be helpful is to use large colour-coded cotton bags. For example, I’ll put beef into a dark blue bag and chicken into a pink one, veggies into a green one, fruit into an orange one, etc. This way I at least know where things are and can take out the appropriate coloured bag to find the food item I want. Since we keep our cuts of meat, etc. similar from grocery to grocery, we can pretty much know what we have or need. Perhaps nowhere as visually accessible as the method shown here, it works for us.

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