Repel Bugs Naturally in the Garden

Have you ever been so proud of your garden you planted, just to be disappointed when you see all the leaves have those nasty holes all over?  Most of us have spent a substantial amount of time in our garden.  We baby it.  We water, trim, pull weeds.  It’s a labour of love!  Then, one day we discover something has been enjoying the spoils of OUR riches!  Then you say under your breath “damn bugs!!”  Nobody WANTS to apply chemicals they will just have to be weary of, once it’s time to put the herbs or tomatoes on your own table.  There are definitely plants you can incorporate into your garden, that deter those bugs – YAY! 😀

My all-time favourite plant to deter bugs in my garden is lavender. Lavender is a welcome addition to any garden for a few reasons. It’s easy to plant. It is very attractive when it blooms. And it is a perennial, meaning you will NOT have to plant it year after year. It will return to your garden year after year to take care of those pesky insects.

I find it easy to just plant them nearby whatever plant or herb you think will be in need. Here you will see my tomato plant and the lavender planted quite close. Hey, by the way, I’m no Horticulturist so please don’t hold me to any of this, however it has ALWAYS worked for me.
lavender in the garden 023

I will also plant it in among an herb container. You will never have a problem with any bugs snacking on your parsley again!
This season we have welcomed 6 baby bunnies. They are indoors right now, as I bottle feed them for a while. But when they move outdoors, I will put a couple of lavender plants around their area to keep the flies away from them (obviously remembering to keep the plant away from their reach so THEY don’t munch it away). We shall see if it works for animals as well….
If you sit outdoors and want to repel mosquitos, try planting them around seating areas and walking paths to deter them.

Let me, also share with you all the other plants that have the ability to deter mosquitos and other bugs. The most popular after lavender would be basil. You can rub it on your skin as a natural repellent.
lavender in the garden 025
We have all heard of citronella right? They make the candles which you light in the evening outdoors to repel the mosquitos. Well you can plant the citronella grass just the same as you would the lavender or even stagger between both along pathways and seating areas. Please be careful with the citronella grass, though. It can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions when the blades are broken.
Here are a few others: Garlic, Clove, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, plus Peppermint and Rosemary which I have in this pic below.
lavender in the garden 024

I hope you enjoy a GREAT summer season of planting and enjoying the outdoors, bug-bite-free!!! 🙂

Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. Your garden looks great Tanya!
    I hate the thought of spraying harsh chemicals in the garden. These are great tips!!


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