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I’ve heard people say, “look at a person’s car to find out how clean their home is”. WRONG! I love a clean house, but my vehicle has always left a lot to be desired in the ‘clean’ department. I’ve always viewed a vehicle as, a way to get from “point A” to “point B”. I use it to cart around myself, my business supplies, a dog and a child(she comes with a lot of stuff). We spend a tonn of time in the vehicle and it houses a lot of that “stuff” it takes to get from A to B, happily and comfortably. I’ve finally decided to get the van organized, instead of letting it get overly messy, perform a MAJOR cleaning, then wait for it to get super, duper messy all over – ‘shampoo, rinse, repeat. Shampoo, rinse, repeat’. It’s a never ending circle.
By putting some systems in place, we will remain far more organized – much less car-cluttered!

If I continue to, just do a MAJOR cleanout of the van whenever it gets out of control, it will never STAY clean and organized. I need some items which will keep the basics off the floor and help me stay on track.

Depending where I am going and how many stops I need to make along the way, I tend to say “I had better bring this along, or these things…. oh and maybe a snack, a tea, a few electronics for Madi to play with, oh and these supplies for the job. But I better not forget the bla bla bla, and the other bla bla bla.”, etc. If you don’t eat, drink, take kids or dogs in your car, it will probably stay sparkling – This is NOT realistic for in my world.
Things tend to land on the floor and roll around. It’s not only frustrating, it could be dangerous while driving.

Here’s a look at just a few things that tend to end up on the floor, and other seats in my vehicle.

organizing the van 007  organizing the van 004  organizing the van 001

I made an investment in a few items to help me out. I went to “Solutions”(a great store with many organizing solutions. I love this store, but some items can be found at Dollar Stores, or places like Walmart less expensive)
* SwingAway Driver Organizer – This is great to organize all your favourite items. They remain within reach and if you have a passenger, just swing it around to the back of the seat.

organizing the van 010        organizing the van 016

* Driver Cup – This gives your cup holder a little extension. This way you can use one cup holder to hold MORE items; phones, glasses, pen, lip balm, etc.

Driver Cup-Holder-Organizer

* Back Seat Organizer – This one is for my daughter. Now all her things are within reach. Now I don’t have to help her reach everything(which has always seemed just a teeny bit dangerous while I’m going down the highway 😉 ). She can also make sure all her stuff is put away and not rolling around the floor.
organizing the van 011

Oh and I forgot – one last thing:
* Trash Bin – I placed a plastic bin on the floor and lined it with a plastic bag. It is reachable by both myself and passengers in the back. I have tried other bags in the front seat, but I find my daughter just dumps wrappers, etc. on the floor. Now it’s easier for her to throw her garbage into as well. 😀
organizing the van 013

This has been a great start to summer. I feel so much better about the nice clear floor space. I get that ahhhhhhhh feeling when I get in now. So nice, and helps ease the stress that clutter can cause. 🙂 There are still other areas of the vehicle which could use a bit of help, but…. NEXT TIME ;).

Thanks for tuning in!

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