Cleaning up on discrimination & racism

This blog is mostly about cleaning and organizing, but once in a while I tend to veer off in a different direction. Today is no exception. I know that Canada is a great place to live with plenty of acceptance, but I think we can do better. No matter how good we are, there is still discrimination in today’s society, depending on your color, heritage, sexual orientation, etc. How can we change people’s views and opinions – that’s a tough one, but…. It’s up to YOU!

I was inspired to do this because of my child, and when I watch her play with friends of ALL backgrounds, it makes me so happy. I watch her play with kids on our street. There are two Chinese brothers, two Indian brothers and a few Russian boys. She also has a friend who is Japanese and Persian, mixed. I love this. They play and are only mad at each other for silly little disagreements, not because of their heritage. I want ALL these kids to STAY this way forever and I feel that I have to start doing my part to spread the word.

I think it’s ALL about EMPATHY. If you have NO feelings of empathy for other people’s situations, you may have trouble with this. Here are a few ways to try and understand why racism an discrimination makes NO sense. Below are a couple ways you can practice reciting to yourself to help you have some empathy for others:
*Relate to them in other ways.
Really use your mind to imagine someone in your life who may have a handicap in a different way – maybe your great-grandmother, for example. You love her and just imagine someone mistreating her JUST because she’s slower than the rest or not as productive in society. You would NEVER accept someone condemning her for not being exactly like most others. That makes NO sense right?!

My daughter is adopted – I hate to think of the future and if someone is going to make fun of her because of that. You may have someone you love who would be “made fun of” or discriminated against because of their difference. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

*What’s the difference, seriously!?
There’s not a whole lot of difference between white, black, Asian, or any other PERSON besides the outward appearance. We are all made the same – toes, feet, legs, torso, arms, faces, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, etc…… It’s true. At the end of the day, we ARE all the same. Who cares if someone has a different texture of hair than you or skin and eyes are different than yours. Is it fear? Is it jealousy? WHAT is it?!

It could be fear of change. People come here from other countries and we become fearful that things will change too much. We see things like “Christmas Trees” cannot be on display any longer in government buildings and we fear THAT TYPE of change. I think we have to lighten up and not worry so much. We will always have OUR type of holiday as well(whatever that may be for you).

It makes very little sense to me to hate someone because of their background, race, color, sexual orientation, etc. I just want everyone to know that we have enough problems in this world, to even bother focusing on this silliness. If we could all just do our part and find a little acceptance in our heart, have empathy for others, we can do so much better. YOU can make a difference. ๐Ÿ˜€

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