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I’ve tried many different techniques for cleaning glass and mirror over the years. Many times the results come out streaky. In turn, just wasting a ton of that nice, expensive, “white roll” of paper towels. Sure they are soft and fluffy and feel like they should do a great job, but…. NOPE! These are the worst! You will waste more paper towel, trying to get the job done right, and at the cost of them, you don’t wanna be doing that, my friend. ūüėČ Save those paper towels for messy spills and other wipe-ups.

Recognize these?¬† These are the type to which¬†I’m¬†referring.¬† Obviously there are plenty of brands on the market.¬† I just show you this picture to MAKE SURE we are “on the same page” during this post. :).¬† These can cost approximately 20 cents¬†per square meter.

Sponge towels

Here are the paper towels you SHOULD be using:
summer 2014 025

The price is right and they don’t leave behind any of that ‘dagnamitlint! ¬†You can find them for purchase¬†at Costco and many other places, I’m sure.

Here’s the price I noted at Costco.¬† That’s pretty great for 12 rolls.¬†¬†The price per square meter is only 8 cents!!!!¬† That’s a GREAT savings compared to the usual kitchen brands.¬† I have a¬†business where I use them daily and still I don’t¬†need to buy them, but every six months¬†or so.¬† Once you make the purchase, you probably won’t need to buy them for at least a year, or more. ūüėÄ
summer 2014 026

You have probably heard of another method: THE NEWSPAPER METHOD.¬† Well, I DID try this method as well.¬† I found¬†they DO work, however are messy¬†and awkward.¬† My hands were stained & black-ish –¬†NOT enjoyable! You need convenience whenever cleaning, right?¬† YUP!¬† Washing your hands throughout the process is very inconvenient, if you ask me…
I like the brown paper towel, because they can be used for more surfaces than just glass. You canNOT do that with the newspaper. I know this from experience. With my wet newspaper in hand, I saw a little dirt on the ceramic wall in the washroom. I gave it a swipe and made it MUCH worse. oops. Suddenly the wall was a myriad of color. All the newspaper colors came off onto the wall РEeeeeeek! If I would have had my brown paper towel, I could have used it to actually get that wall clean, lickity-split :), and move on with the next task.  Instead, I had to get out a rag and another cleaning product to get all the ink off the wall.
Bottom line, the brown paper towels are the best for a variety of tasks along with the glass.

In order to get lovely, clean glass, here are my best tips:

*You can use whatever glass cleaner you prefer, but for even bigger savings, try plain old 50/50 vinegar and water in a spray bottle. A 4L jug is only approx. $2.

*Don’t¬†¬†spray/wet the¬†surface too much. This causes more streaks.

*Fast motion gets less streaks. When you go back and forth in a slow motion this causes more streaks as well. Not everything requires “faster“, but in this case, yep! ūüėČ

*If you have cleaned it and still see streaks, take your paper towel – DRY – and wipe with the dry cloth. Sometimes that’s all it takes. ūüôā

Thanks for tuning in ūüėÄ

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  1. Hi Tanya
    I’ve tried the news paper idea as well, I agree it’s tough on the hands
    I will definitely try this brand of paper towels

    Thanks Tanya!!


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