My 5 fave uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is one of those products you CANNOT do without around the home.  It’s all natural and very inexpensive.  If you wanna stay healthier and save a little cash-ola here and there, make sure you have pick up a big jug of vinegar at the grocery store this week!

Vinegar, in it’s various forms, can be a healer, a disinfectant, a preservative, an acid, and a condiment.  This is a pretty impressive list considering it’s a by-product of something gone bad. 🙂  😉

All vinegar starts as an alcohol, created through the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar. When alcohol ferments, it becomes acetic acid – vinegar! Example: Grapes deteriorate and become alcohol(wine), then when THAT alcohol ferments, it becomes wine vinegar tadaaa!

There are over 100 uses for vinegar.  Wow!!!  That’s incredible.  Vinegar is truly an indispensable tool in any home.  I’ve written about vinegar in a post about natural products before, but I find we have to be reminded about these simple solutions we may have already sitting in the cupboard, especially when they are all natural.  I have chosen my top five favorite ways in which to use vinegar.

1.  Hard water stains and mineral deposits.  I like to keep a spray bottle of full strength vinegar under the kitchen sink.  I use it for general anti-bacterial purposes on my cutting board and countertops(do NOT use on granite or marble btw).  But it is mainly for my glass kettle of boiling water.  After a week or so of boiling water for my daily tea, it tends to get a little foggy, but just a spray of vinegar – a little swish, swish around and tadaaa! – it’s sparkling like new again.

electric kettle - before cleaning with vinegar

electric kettle – before cleaning with vinegar

electric kettle after cleaning with a spray of vinegar

electric kettle after cleaning with a spray of vinegar

Here’s another one of a glass shower door(with the addition of some baking soda on a cloth).  After letting the vinegar sit for a few minutes, rub the cloth with some baking soda around, rinse, dry and enjoy the view.  🙂

View through glass inside of a shower BEFORE cleaning with vinegar and baking soda

View through glass inside of a shower BEFORE cleaning with vinegar and baking soda

View through glass, from inside a shower, AFTER cleaning with vinegar and baking soda

View through glass, from inside a shower, AFTER cleaning with vinegar and baking soda


2.  Fabric Softner.   Vinegar is a total powerhouse when it comes to pretreating stains, softening water and boosting regular laundry detergents.  I ALWAYS have a big jug of vinegar by the washing machine.  I fill the area in washing machine where it calls for “fabric softener” and sometimes even where it calls for “bleach”.  I NEVER have static cling!  I gotta say, I do love the fragrance of Downy so I still use it for my sheets, however it’s all about the vinegar for everything else.  And compared to the price of the liquid Downy, vinegar is only a fraction of the cost. 😉 Niiice.

3.  Glass and Mirror.  I think we all know, and if not, have probably heard this one.  It’s true.  a 50/50  water and vinegar solution in a spray bottle will make your glass or windows shine.  Just use it in place of your regular window cleaner and see if you like it too.

4.  Disinfecting.  As I mentioned before, about using it on cutting boards and counters, vinegar is a powerful disinfectant.  There are many other places around the home you can use it to disinfect.  Walk around with your handy-dandy spray bottle and a cloth.  I like to get the remote control and other keyboards(in this case spray the cloth, so as not to soak into electronics).  If you have kids, you can clean their toys or other articles their sticky fingers have been.  Door handles and light switches also get a little squirt in my house.  Just remember, even though it is a natural product, it is a very strong product, so don’t leave it sitting for long periods of time on porous surfaces, as we are not out to ruin your belongings, just keep the germs out. 🙂

5.  GREASE.  I had read about this and put it to the test.   I found you MUST mix the vinegar with baking soda for a WOW effect here.  I tried this on a range hood which had been in a rental home and neglected for a year or perhaps even longer.  After trying all kinds of other methods to clean off the buildup of grease, this was the only thing that worked. It took a little more scrubbing power than I care for, but in the end it worked when nothing else was, so it makes me a believer.  YAY!

There are so many more tips for vinegar that I have tried.  Some I like and some, I’m not convinced, but my top 5 faves are real and I believe in them.  I hope they help make your daily life easier too.  😀

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  1. I love these ideas
    I had no idea you could use vinegar in the washer
    Definitely going to try that one


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