Display the Hidden Gems

We ALL have valued items stored in a bin or a box somewhere.  We save items, hidden away, waiting for it to become valuable.  Or perhaps we have it stored, waiting for someone to WANT our items – maybe a child or grandchild.  If you knew what to do with these items right now, would you? Well, I think I may be able to help.

Have you ever heard of a “Shadow Box”?  If NOT: They are similar to a picture on the wall, except with a deeper casing.  The back opens up so you can arrange and/or rearrange your items.  They have a glass front so you can view your keepsakes, whatever you happen to choose to put inside.

Below you will see some examples of shadowboxes you can get at the craft store, Michael’s.

shadow boxes

You can find different shapes.  These ones, above, were purchased at Michaels.  Price ranges for the ready-made boxes were anywhere from $20 – $219.  If you don’t find your size or shape, you can always go to the framing counter(or any picture framing place) and ask them to make a custom one for you.  You may want one which is much larger than the “ready-made” ones.  You can get one any size.  I’ve seen some really awesome examples of full length boxes, approximately the size of a door and mounted just above baseboard level.  This is great for super-dramatic impact in your space, using whatever themed grouping of objects you wish.

We all have stuff from the past, tucked away, out of sight.  The problem with this is we love these items and they may even be very close to our hearts, but they never see the light of day.  You can get them out of storage and they will double as artwork, in turn freeing up space in your storage closet. Imagine – you will end up displaying brand new artwork with deep personal significance for you!  Wow  😀   Here’s a list of just some ideas you could use for your shadow box:

* Clothing and jewels, accessories of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s…
*Music from the past – tapes, records, magazines, etc..
*Wine bottles and corks plus related items – mixed with fun pictures of parties…
*Pets who have passed on – collars, pics, leashes, toys etc.
*Kid’s stuff, baby memories – blankies, soothers, stuffies, paperwork, etc.
*Sports memories – medals, uniforms, pics…
*Vacation memories – sand, brochures, souvenirs, pics, etc.
*China – mismatched plates, cups, spoons, etc…

You can take just about anything and make a shadow box out of it. Below, is one with all the memories from baby at the hospital. This is something that would just sit in a box until your child grows up. You take it out of the box, show it to your little one, then put it back in the box and she takes it to her house and puts it in her storage closet. By getting it out there and displayed, we show our items proudly and in turn, our child, throughout their life how much we value their presence. 🙂
April 2014 003
April 2014 004

Could a shadow box be the answer to some of YOUR organizing issues?  If you are feeling crafty, you can certainly make one of your own by looking on Pinterest or Youtube. I don’t make my own, but I sure like to organize them. If you need help and you’re in my area, contact me.  I’ll put together a shadow box or boxes for you. 🙂

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  1. Hey Tanya
    I love this idea for baby memories
    I wanted to put my daughters baptism dress in a shadow box. I like the idea of putting baby blankets and shoes as well

    Thanks for the tips

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