Best Tips – Stay Organized during the Holidays

It’s SO HARD to stay organized during the holiday season!!!  Everyone is rushing around so much, that by the time your holiday arrives(whichever you celebrate), you cannot wait for it to be over.  We all understand that feeling, but wouldn’t it be nice to chillax a bit and enjoy your holiday, perhaps even the days leading up to it?  I’ve been searching the world for my all-time favourite tips to help you skip the stress this holiday season (okay, maybe not the whole world 😉 but I did my best.)

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead
That’s a funny one. I think we’re already too late for that aren’t we? In a perfect world, YES, you would have planned it at least 6 weeks in advance, but that is not most people’s reality. So let’s just NOT STRESS over the fact that we did’t get ahead of the game. Don’t worry. It WILL get done!

Tip #2 – Do a Little Every Day
This is “do-able” and will have you feeling good about yourself each day, that you have accomplished something. Examples: pick up a gift for someone while out on your lunch break, etc. and/or decide to wrap a gift or two each evening while watching your favorite episode on the tube. Even if it is just getting something done around the house so you can free up some weekend time for shopping, and friends (do a load of laundry each night for example)

Tip #3 – Make LISTS
This is the BEST tip ever! I’m lost without my list. If you have no list, you are just going out “willy nilly”? Who knows what you come home with and for whom? You can have it on paper, or on your phone – whatever works for you. This list is like “the Boss”. It keeps you in line, on time, on budget, etc… Leaving ideas floating around in your head can get distracting.
You can have a list for more than just buying gifts. It works for dinner party ideas, foods, clothing, and more. Keep your list with you at all times and revise as needed. 😀

Tip #4 – Split the work with family
This is the time to use some gift-giving leverage. Tell the kids or partner, “it’s time to chip in”. Have them help wherever possible if they wanna be able to go to that bla bla bla…., or get that special “something or other” gift, etc.

Tip #5 – Don’t Overcommit!
We tend to make a lot of commitments this time of year and then we either disappoint, or wear ourselves too thin and feel exhausted. Try and focus on the most important things and stick to them. Saying no is tough, I know, but perhaps you can find a way to delegate tasks to others and not take it all on yourself. You can do it!!!

Tip #6 – Gift Wrapping area
Set up one area in your home as the gift wrapping area. This becomes the area where you will be able to actually find your supplies – gift wrap, bags, bows, scissors, tape, etc… My parents set up a folding table where they sit to do all wrapping. Very convenient.

Tip #7 – Call Me!!!
Some people feel more stressed out when their home has become a disheveled mess. We are all running around trying to get all our shopping, gift wrapping, visiting and baking done, that the house seems to be forgotten during the holidays. Calling an Organizer or Cleaning company to keep your home tidy during the season can help a LOT! Just one less thing off YOUR plate. 🙂

Once everything is done, in the evening, turning on the Christmas lights(for me), candles, or whatever calms you – a good glass of wine and ahhhhh. Enjoy the holidays!

The kids patiently waiting to open their gifts.

The kids patiently waiting to open their gifts.

Getting ready for Santa and his reindeer.

Getting ready for Santa and his reindeer.

Thanks for tuning in! 🙂

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  1. I think we all need to call you this time of year!!!!
    I try to do something everyday, it definitely helps

    Thanks for the tips


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