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How do you pack for your vacation? Way ahead of time? At the last minute? Do you find yourself on your vacation saying, “Damn! I forgot to pack the….whatchamacallit” or Do you find yourself sitting on top of your suitcase in order to get the zipper to close?  Let me see if I can help you. 🙂

The best advice I can give, in order to remember everything while packing is:
If you do nothing else from this blog post, DO this!  A list is your best friend during this process. I have made a couple lists, based on previous vacations and saved them on my computer. This makes it a breeze when vacation time comes around again. Just print it out and go. 🙂
If you don’t have a list and are too busy to make one, you can google it online. There are so many “ready-made” lists available online. And they are very detailed. GREAT NEWS right? 😀
Just make sure the list is the last thing you look at before you leave the house for the last time! A list is worthless if you don’t actually use it.

*Pack your suitcase MORE EFFICIENTLY.
Choose items you think you will wear and lay it all out. Then you can edit. Things that can help you decide what you will really need is:
1. Check the weather report
2. Check your itinerary. By going over your activities, it will help you figure your attire.
3. Ask other people if they have been to the destination and what was useful for them.
organized suitcase 021

Below, are a couple techniques for packing efficiently.
*You can place awkward items around the perimeter of the suitcase, like shoes, belts, etc.
organized suitcase 027
*You can use the folding method for your clothing.  This can decrease the chance of wrinkles in clothing. Also, I like to add a smaller case within to house hairbrushes and other hair accessories, washroom items and straightening iron, etc…(it’s hard to see it, but it’s in the pic below, in the left side of the suitcase).  Most times a hair dryer is not needed if you are going to end up at a hotel(they usually have them available for use).
organized suitcase 029
*You can ROLL your clothing and save a bunch of space for more items or to be able to take a smaller suitcase.
organized suitcase 035
Both of the above packed suitcases have the exact same items in them. The “rolling technique” takes up a lot less space. 🙂 If you use this method, please just be careful to smooth out your items while rolling, to avoid wrinkling. I don’t recommend rolling items that wrinkle easily.
organized suitcase 032organized suitcase 033
Use a variation of BOTH methods. 🙂

*Here’s a couple for the men:  Roll belts and place them into dress shoes, stuff socks and underwear into dress shoes or, even roll your belts into the collar of a dress shirt like this one below.

packing techniques 001

When it comes to the “carry on”, I like to think of it as somewhat of an emergency bag.  Imagine your case didn’t make the trip, and make sure you will have what you need to get through a night until your bag(hopefully), shows up.  These pics are for a warm destination, therefore will have a change of clothing suited to the weather.
organized suitcase 038organized suitcase 037 organized suitcase 036
I do NOT pack the whole container of the Lysol wipes.  I just take them out and put them in a ziplock bag.  They can be used on the airplane, BUT I like to make use of them at the hotel.  The thought of picking up that T.V.’s remote control without wiping it down, gives me the heebie jeebies. Ick!
All the medicine bottles are in small sizes.  Any items you can “downsize” – DO IT!  Travel size is great for efficient packing.
organized suitcase 041
If you have a bag like this with pockets on the side, it’s great as a carry-on. Aaaand, you can get away with calling it a purse, therefore if you needed another carry-on, or wanted to get away with NOT checking any baggage… yep – go for it!

Make it stand out. Another tip for checked luggage is, tie something around the handle that makes it distinct, especially if you have a black or navy bag. It is VERY helpful when you are standing there watching all the suitcases go around and around. You are able to spot yours RIGHT AWAY! 😀
organized suitcase 020

*Don’t wait until the last minute! Packing for your holiday can be a bit stressful. If you wait until the last minute, you will tend to overpack. This, in turn, will make your bag “over weight” and that will cost you $$$$ at check-in time at the airport. I suggest taking the suitcase out at least a few days in advance. You can add or subtract items as they pop in your head. You don’t have to organize the suitcase at this time. As long as the items are IN the bag, you can organize later.

My final word of advice, if you’re leaving your country:
*DON’T FORGET THE PASSPORT!!!! I know this advice may sound like a no brainer, but it happens to people time and time again. It should be in your carry-on as soon as possible. In fact, do it right now! 😉

These are just a few tips.  I’m sure you may even have some great ones too! 🙂

Thanks for tuning in

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