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How do you know if you are a procrastinator?  Well, let’s see.  If you are looking at this blog and thinking “I’ll save this and read it LATER”, you may just be a procrastinator. 😉  I have struggled with avoiding procrastination my whole life.  Most of the time, I find myself winning the battle, but can certainly fall off the wagon once in a while.  I’ve devised some tips and motivations that help me, and may be helpful for you as well.
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Procrastinators are people who are categorized as “someone who waits until the last minute to do everything.  They rarely have things done on time and if they do, it has been done quickly and with errors”.  I feel that’s a bit of a generalization. I think there are different levels of procrastinators. Let’s call the people who I mentioned above, Stage 4 procrastinators.
*Stage 3 procratinators: The ones who are similar to the above, yet find time to do what pleases them. They have a bit of a self-destructive, rebellious nature. When people may try and encourage them or help them, they procrastinate even more! eeek.
Stage 2 procrastinators: Those who avoid MOST of the harder tasks, getting the “everyday” tasks completed such as groceries, laundry, etc. This helps hide the fact, to the outside world, that they didn’t get their other tasks completed, such as banking, paperwork, that assignment!
Stage 1 procrastinators: The ones who get MOST tasks completed in a day, but may just avoid ONE major thing they have been meaning to do. Or those who have been meaning to do something which is not crucial, but they just keep avoiding it(such as cleaning out a closet, etc.)

Whether you are stage 1, 2, 3 or 4, it can be annoying, even to yourself! What can we do?
*Do 2 minute tasks. Everything starts with baby steps, and you will feel better when you have accomplished something NOT part of the usual day-to-day tasks.

*REMOVE/avoid distractions.  Gravity is a very wonderous thing.  If you have a task you’ve been procrastinating doing, it’s funny how gravity just pulls you towards the magazine in the room, the nail file, cell phone, laptop. 😉  Unless you need the item to complete the task – REMOVE THEM!!!

*Don’t be a perfectionist.  The accomplishment of completion should far outweigh the perfection for us procrastinators.  And THAT is PERFECT! 😀

*Get a Motivator!  It’s kinda like going to the gym.  If you can’t do it on your own, it’s always easier when you have someone you trust to help you out. Don’t be a martyr and don’t be afraid to ask. You will be surprised to know how many people are happy to help and may even appreciate the vote of confidence in them. As well, you also be surprised to find those people may be in the same situation as you. You can motivate each other!!! yay! 🙂

*Don’t make tasks bigger than they really are.  I read once(though cannot remember who said it originally) “Procrastinating not only makes it harder, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE” So true.

*Give yourself a reward.  You can use whatever motivates you.  If there’s no apparent deadline for things like cleaning out the closet, make one on your own.  Then tell yourself you will promise a reward for finishing on time.  Give yourself a movie, chocolate, pedicure, etc.

*Just make a decision! ANY DECISION!  When you procrastinate, you send yourself signals that you are kinda lame and indecisive.  Feel better about yourself – make a decision!

Is procrastination actually the fear of success? Success carries major responsibilities & it’s easier to procrastinate.  Do you really, really wanna live on the “someday I’ll” philosophy? As Denis Waitley once put it.

I hope this helps you, as these are my motivators.  Give it a shot!

Thanks for tuning in. 🙂


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