Spring Cleaning – does anyone do that anymore?

Spring Cleaning – does anyone really do that anymore?  I feel like we are all too busy to do it the way our mothers taught us.  I feel like, somehow there used to be more time in a day…. Is that weird?  Am I the only one?  I think some of us DO do it, just not as well as previous generations.  Nowadays, parents and partners alike, are both working full time.  And if there are children in the mix, we are carting them around from swimming to soccer, then perhaps a school friend’s birthday party, and on and on, until the weekend just slips away from us and, blink, it’s Monday.  For the majority of families, gone are the days where your parents woke you up bright ‘n’ early on Saturday morning, handed you a bucket and rag and said, “SPRING CLEANING DAY!  Everyone has to chip in“.  Everything was removed from everywhere and got wiped spotless, then returned to it’s position on the shelf, unless you had grown out of it.  Then, off it went to the “Sally Anne” as my mom used to call it. 🙂

Well, I would like to show you a quick way to get at least SOME of your spring cleaning completed, painlessly.

I wrote a blog more than a year ago called Easy – Baby Steps to Start Getting Organized.  I encourage you to click on the link and read this post for an easy START to spring cleaning.  Some of you may remember it and even have incorporated it already.  Some of you may have told yourself it was a good idea, but it fell by the wayside.  So just in case you need a wee reminder, click it! 😉

It IS, now Spring and that’s always a great feeling.  It feels even greater to do a little editing of the clutter and move on to enjoy a wonderful season outdoors. Ahhhhhh! 😀

IF you are in the GTA and need a hand, give us a call – we’ll help.
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Post-Construction Cleanup - New Home Build

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  1. Okay it did cross my mind a few times in the past weeks that I should do some “organizing” and low & behold I receive your blog… thanks for the encouraging thoughts and I will absolutely start this weekend (no procrastination). Baby steps I CAN do! Green/Black/Clear bags here we come 🙂 anything more I will be calling you.

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