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In my house, over time, I have become the one who hangs pictures, and tries my best to repair small items.  As a woman, it never occurred to me that I should be the one to have a professional toolbox. And why not?! I really have no idea why this never occurred to me.  Recently, I became very tired of carrying my tools and various “handy man” aids around in a cardboard box, so I went and purchased this:
my new toolbox
I know, this is not as exciting as buying a new outfit or shoes, or pretty much anything else really. But it’s definitely something that helped make me feel much better once I ORGANIZED all my random tools, etc.  It was truly satisfying – ahhhhhhhhh. 🙂

Take a peak at all the stuff I had accumulated over the years. 

I really need and use this stuff:
messy tools   my messy toold

And, yep, there’s my cardboard box – good ol’ reliable.  BYE-Bye old friend, I’ll miss ya. 😉

The box I found has two sections on the inside and a few smaller sectioned areas on the lid.  And it’s also plastic so it remains as lightweight as possible.  Keep that in mind if you’re planning on buying one of your own.   I am still a girl and don’t want it to get too heavy.  I wanna continue to love my toolbox and if he gets too heavy to carry, I will just end up fighting with him every time I have to do a small task.  That is not a fun relationship!
New tool box for me

The lid is the section where I put screws and anchors, my measuring tape and any other smaller items you can access easier. Check it out:
Renovation befores 101

Once you open the lid there’s a removable tray with a handle.  Here’s a pic so you can see what type of items I put in there.  Simple screw drivers, exacto knives, mini-level, pliers and of course I got my stud finder(life is much easier with a stud finder don’t ya think? 😉 ).
Removable section of toolbox

To access the bottom, simply remove the tray with the handle and that’s where you will find some of the larger items.  In mine you will find hammers, wood glue, a picture hanging kit, string, tape and other miscellaneous items.  I also house the “bits” that go with my cordless power drill/screwdriver (which is one of my all-time favourite tools.  I recommend it to ANYONE who hangs up a picture or hook or even some blinds if you’re feeling ambitious)
bottom of the toolbox Toolbox junk more toolbox junk

I hope this helps, even a little bit.  It’s not a glamorous post, but once I did it, it made me feel so much better.  Not having to rummage through that cardboard box to find a tool or screw was a relief.    You may not even use your toolbox very often, but whenever you need it, you know where it is, where everything is placed and it has a handle so it’s something you can carry in one hand, rather than the cardboard box which had to be carried under my arm or in both arms.

This new method for me, is convenient and time-saving -YAY!  Oh and guess what?  Apparently it’s so professional-looking, my husband has even asked to borrow some items!  How ya like them apples?!

Thanks for tuning in 😀

Professional Organizer

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