Junk Drawer NO MORE!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to clear the clutter from some of your utensil drawers, if not all? There are certainly a lot of ways to do this, but the main advice I can give is that you should keep things separated so everything doesn’t end up in a big jumbled mess. Once you get things separated(a system in place), it’s a lot easier to maintain it. You won’t be scrambling to find everything, saving you time and hassle.

“Junk Drawer NO MORE?” Ok, yeah, I hear how that title sounds. I know this may not be entirely possible. No matter how neat you make it, it will always be considered “the junk drawer”. But some of them really should have actual names. Once you’re done, you will be able to call one of the drawers a “utensil drawer”, “silverware drawer”, “cooking utensil drawer”, “gadget drawer”, etc…
For the one drawer that remains random, maybe you can still call that one the “junk drawer”, just for fun ;).

The first step is to measure whichever drawers you want to clean out. You need to know this so you don’t waste your money on cutlery trays that are never going to fit in the drawers where they are most needed.
Next, just go purchase a cutlery tray or a few.   There are many kinds out there. Some extend, some are expensive, some are cheap(but work just as well :D).   Below are a bunch of examples you can check out before you go purchase.  See what will work in your setting as well.
junk drawer no more 124
Here we have the basic cutlery drawer – the original use. This one extends on the left and right side. If the drawer was wider, it would spread wider, allowing for more larger cutlery like knives.

junk drawer no more 126    junk drawer no more 125
Next is the general “Extras” in the utensil department. These are things we need, but don’t mix with the basic cutlery. This one is made by ‘Softworks oxo’.  It is one of the more expensive brands, but by far NOT the best.  It didn’t meet my needs for regular cutlery, but it does fine for this installment.

junk drawer no more 118
For this drawer, we have some bigger utensils. You can get larger trays for just this type of application. I think I found this one at Home Depot. This one works well in a drawer beside the stove so you can quickly access the cooking utensils, when they are most needed.  Can you imagine this drawer without the separators?  Now it’s much easier to find in a split second.  Also, note the space left behind, beside and in front of the cutlery tray – leaving the space on any side possible, you allow more separation of items.

junk drawer no more 121
Now we are getting to the proverbial “junk drawer”.  This one is a mix.  It’s a bit of a supply drawer.  If you are looking for some miscellaneous items, you may find them in here.   But, with the separation, at least you will find them faster. 🙂  The baking utensils found their way into this drawer because it’s near the kitchenaid mixer and at the end of the day it’s all about convenience and time saving.

junk drawer no more 116
Here we have a small junk drawer.  A little ‘cheapy’ cutlery tray will do just fine in this case. It’s great for separating pens, pencils, stamps, rubber bands and many other items you go on the search for daily.

junk drawer no more 127         junk drawer no more 129
Your child may need a cutlery tray of their own. It doesn’t need to be in the kitchen. There could be a drawer in the family room or bedroom. This one works to keep the markers, pencil crayons, scissors, etc., separated very nicely. Believe it or not, this drawer has continued to work quite well, even without parent supervision… Well, maybe a little coaching, but minimal. 😀

I hope these have helped you decide to make a new years resolution – Junk Drawer NO MORE!      Thanks for tuning in! 😀

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