Convenient Kitchen Zones

Do you want your kitchen to “flow” much better?  Save time by creating “centers of activity”, “zones”, or “stations”.  This will make your life easier on a daily basis.  Oh and easier for you to send your other half or even the kids, into the kitchen to actually find things on their own! 😉

I was inspired to do this post by my niece.  One day, when nobody was home, I sent her to my place and said “make yourself at home”.  And so she did.  She headed to the kitchen to make a meal.  She told me how organized my kitchen was.  Everything she looked for, she found, right away!  She didn’t have to search and search.  She told me, wherever she “thought” the item should be, there it was!  Ergo, my inspiration. 🙂  Thanks Andy 😉

Making activitiy centers, stations, zones or areas(whatever you want to call them) is the simplest way to get better flow in your kitchen, saving you, and any family member TIME, time, time. Yep, you’re welcome!  Here are the basic areas in order to have things at your fingertips:

  1. Preparation (prep station) – Here you would have the cutting board, knives, measuring cups, etc.  It would be a good idea to have garbage in this area as well for dumping scraps as you chop.
  2. Cooking station – This is obviously near the stove & oven.  Place pots, pans, plus the utensils that go with it, in this area.  You can use utensil jars if you don’t have a drawer near your stove(I use both for added convenience)
  3. Cleanup station – Clearly this needs to be near your sink.  Other conveniences in this area would be the dishwasher, soap, cleansers, towels, etc.
  4. Storage/Pantry – Here you will have an array of stuff, but basically it will be dry pasta, cereals, canned food, crackers, etc.
  5. Baking station – Ok this one is NOT vital.  I love to bake, therefore I have a cabinet that houses all baking related items, including things like flour, cinnamon, rolled oats, measuring cups, piping bags, etc.
  6. Serving station – Here you may have tableware, glassware, napkins.
  • All the areas listed above, are up for discussion, but this is what works at my place.  I also have a corner cabinet with a lazy susan that I use as storage of bowls, mixers, and storage containers.                                                                                                               You can create more stations that work for you and your family or friends.  Organize it according to task.  Some people may like to have a kids station, a coffee/tea station, or even a cereal station.  Just make sure to have all items convenient and related and they must all have a place(a home), for maximum efficiency.
  • Just remember, the more stations you have, the more of a particular item you may wanna have.  For example, I have knives, spoons and utensils in more than one spot in order to keep things at arms length away. Convenience, convenience, convenience.

Once you have these stations, if you find one or more is not working for you or you are getting frustrated(which I highly doubt), just move it around to suit you better.  It’s all about saving your precious time, so get to it! You will thank yourself.  😀

kitchen stations 098

kitchen stations 101

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kitchen stations 096

Thanks for tuning in 🙂

Tanya Narduzzi
Professional Organizer

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