I am definitely a Cleaner at heart. I have always had that “need to clean” inside me. My older sister used to pay me to clean her bedroom when I was only 10 years old. Even as a teenager, I liked putting away the groceries in the pantry. It just made sense to keep the can of tomato soup behind or on top of the existing ones. Otherwise, how would you ever know what’s hiding behind the other cans at 1st glance?(It’s about saving time – who wants to move every box or can when they’re looking for a quick meal?!)

Don’t get me wrong – Even with that desire to be neat and organized, I still had a problem letting go of just about every item I owned. I would have kept a stick if it was the 1st one my dog ever chewed on. Well, this can become a problem if you ever want to move or let anyone share a closet with you… I did move into a smaller home. I tried very hard to keep things at my parents for as long as possible(I have to admit, there are still a couple boxes I can’t bare to part with. Once an addict, always an addict 😉 . It’s a constant battle, but well worth it!)

In College I was trained as an Interior Designer, but was sidetracked by a different business over the years. I, then started a cleaning company in 2006, focusing on commercial maintenance. Since then, I took a course with Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) in 2009 and became a Professional Organizer. I think this really came about when my husband and I lived in a small space and were in the process of adopting a baby. When my beautiful 8 month old daughter came to be with us in 2009, it became apparent to me that cleaning the house was just not enough. I had to excel to another level of organization. I love that feeling that having a clean & organized space gives me. I would love to spread my love to you all as well. Contact me if you feel I can help you – I would love to help :).

I hope to help people discover the beauty that exists beneath the clutter.
I will share with you, ways to simplify your life, closet, home, office or just about anything I can think of to assist you in living life with less physical distractions. You can also be sure I will share with you even simple cleaning tips from time to time.

Tanya Narduzzi
Professional Organizer