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Best Tips – Stay Organized during the Holidays

It’s SO HARD to stay organized during the holiday season!!!  Everyone is rushing around so much, that by the time your holiday arrives(whichever you celebrate), you cannot wait for it to be over.  We all understand that feeling, but wouldn’t it be nice to chillax a bit and enjoy your holiday, perhaps even the days leading up to it?  I’ve been searching the world for my all-time favourite tips to help you skip the stress this holiday season (okay, maybe not the whole world 😉 but I did my best.) Read More→

How many uses for a Lazy Susan?

“Lazy Susan” – You don’t hear much about this wonderful item lately, but you should! Do you know how many uses there are? – LOTS! It’s not just for the classic “condiments on the table”, no, no, no my friend. There’s waaay more. 🙂
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Display the Hidden Gems

We ALL have valued items stored in a bin or a box somewhere.  We save items, hidden away, waiting for it to become valuable.  Or perhaps we have it stored, waiting for someone to WANT our items – maybe a child or grandchild.  If you knew what to do with these items right now, would you? Well, I think I may be able to help.

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Cleaning up on discrimination & racism

This blog is mostly about cleaning and organizing, but once in a while I tend to veer off in a different direction. Today is no exception. I know that Canada is a great place to live with plenty of acceptance, but I think we can do better. No matter how good we are, there is still discrimination in today’s society, depending on your color, heritage, sexual orientation, etc. How can we change people’s views and opinions – that’s a tough one, but…. It’s up to YOU!
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Clear out the Car Floor – Vehicle Organizing

I’ve heard people say, “look at a person’s car to find out how clean their home is”. WRONG! I love a clean house, but my vehicle has always left a lot to be desired in the ‘clean’ department. I’ve always viewed a vehicle as, a way to get from “point A” to “point B”. I use it to cart around myself, my business supplies, a dog and a child(she comes with a lot of stuff). We spend a tonn of time in the vehicle and it houses a lot of that “stuff” it takes to get from A to B, happily and comfortably. I’ve finally decided to get the van organized, instead of letting it get overly messy, perform a MAJOR cleaning, then wait for it to get super, duper messy all over – ‘shampoo, rinse, repeat. Shampoo, rinse, repeat’. It’s a never ending circle.
By putting some systems in place, we will remain far more organized – much less car-cluttered!
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Repel Bugs Naturally in the Garden

Have you ever been so proud of your garden you planted, just to be disappointed when you see all the leaves have those nasty holes all over?  Most of us have spent a substantial amount of time in our garden.  We baby it.  We water, trim, pull weeds.  It’s a labour of love!  Then, one day we discover something has been enjoying the spoils of OUR riches!  Then you say under your breath “damn bugs!!”  Nobody WANTS to apply chemicals they will just have to be weary of, once it’s time to put the herbs or tomatoes on your own table.  There are definitely plants you can incorporate into your garden, that deter those bugs – YAY! 😀
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Quickie Freezer Organizing

Do you have one of these?  Well, those who love to stock up on meat, bread, and other frozen goodies, have one and they are GREAT…..until you can’t find anything! We have a tendency to purchase “freezables” and/or make soups and sauces for freezing because we feel we have SO much room in the spare freezer.  We tend to put things into the freezer all willy nilly, where they wind up piled upon, and we have no clue what went in when, and how freezer burnt it’s becoming as we throw some more on top, weekly.

freezer organizing 011    freezer organizing 004
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Conquer Hard Water Stains – my new found method!

Beautiful shower glass after vinegar & Bar Keepers Friend
It’s a wonderful feeling – you clean the washroom and it’s all sparkly ‘n’ shiny when you finish.  However, on the other hand, it’s extremely frustrating when those hard water stains remain, and keep your taps and glass from giving us that ‘diamond bright‘ look.

People call them by all kinds of names: hard water stains, lime scale, mineral deposits, hard water deposits, etc.  But whatever you call them, they are a pain in the a_ _ !!!  Read More→

Who knows their “true calling”?

Are you happy in your current position or job?  Do you know what your true calling is or was?  Did you settle?  Do you think you could be doing something more productive?  Or, have you, ever even considered any of these questions? I think most of us HAVE questioned ourselves, our lives, our careers at some point  – but do we think it’s too late to bother changing things now?  Perhaps the reality may be the old saying, “it’s never too late…” Read More→

Organizing the kids artwork

kids artwork 002
How do you deal with your child’s “beautiful” artwork from school, daycare and/or pre-school?  There is a virtual plethora of paper that streams through your door on a daily basis.  Are we really expected to KEEP all this?!  If you actually ASK your children, they will unequivocally  say, “YES!”   My first recommendation is – Do NOT ask your children. 😉 In the future, they will thank-you for not handing them 10 boxes filled with stuff for them to unclutter when they come of age.
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