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Bye-Bye to Hard Water stains in the toilet

I found a chemical-free way to remove hard water stains from porcelain!  We’re always searching for cleaning products that are better for our health, well-being, and the environment as a whole.  I wish this item worked on more surfaces, but for now, I’ve only found a way to use it on porcelain.  It is totally chemical free and is NOT even a liquid!  And, oh yeah – costs next to nothing!!!
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Repel Bugs Naturally in the Garden

Have you ever been so proud of your garden you planted, just to be disappointed when you see all the leaves have those nasty holes all over?  Most of us have spent a substantial amount of time in our garden.  We baby it.  We water, trim, pull weeds.  It’s a labour of love!  Then, one day we discover something has been enjoying the spoils of OUR riches!  Then you say under your breath “damn bugs!!”  Nobody WANTS to apply chemicals they will just have to be weary of, once it’s time to put the herbs or tomatoes on your own table.  There are definitely plants you can incorporate into your garden, that deter those bugs – YAY! 😀
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Lets talk about Coconut Oil

Coconut oil – did you know all the benefits? Is this a “WOW” product or what?!
Some Varieties of Coconut Oil
I have been educating myself on this product and I’m finding out plenty of areas it can benefit you. Let’s talk about the many benefits: weight loss, better digestion, thyroid, heart, immune system, skin, hair, plus antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and more!!!!!
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