Organizing Services

Let us come help you weed out the items you no longer have use for, in order to bring you to a more clutter-free time of your life.

It will begin with myself coming to give you an initial visit to begin the process of customizing a solution to your particular organizing challenges.

Space Planning/Furniture Placement. With the experience of Interior Design in my background, we can rearrange furniture layouts in order to make your space open up and feel more spacious and look more organized.
Closet/Pantry & Room by Room. Let us come empty all your spaces behind closed doors ;). We can help you take it to that next level of organization, as we find a system that works for you and your needs.
Moving/Downsizing/Relocation Help
. Let us take some stress out of your move. We will help you edit or cut back on all household items and arrange to have items taken away for you. We can box other items for you and/or just be there to help you pack up your space in a very efficient way.
*Storage Solutions. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the right storage solution for your items in order to make the everyday tasks get done easier, more efficiently. Call us in if you would like your items to all have a home so that you can find them exactly when you need them.

$50 – Initial Assessment (if you hire Cleaning De Clutter after the initial assessment, this fee is waived)

$45 per hour – Hourly rate for hands on organizing with client
$40 per hour – Hourly rate for maintenance work
$100 – “Clean Sweep” of one room(max 2 hours=1 organizer+1 helper) $40 savings!
$25 per hour – Additional organizing helpers
$20 per hour – Travel Time


$40 per hour – Shopping fee
$30 per hour – Telephone/e-mail contact between visits

We appreciate referrals – we offer 1 hour complementary organizing services to clients who recommend us to friends and family who become new clients of Cleaning De Clutter.

For long term clients, we offer every 10th hour free. 🙂

Note: HST not included. Pricing updated March 2014, but subject to change at any time.