Conquer Hard Water Stains – my new found method!

Beautiful shower glass after vinegar & Bar Keepers Friend
It’s a wonderful feeling – you clean the washroom and it’s all sparkly ‘n’ shiny when you finish.  However, on the other hand, it’s extremely frustrating when those hard water stains remain, and keep your taps and glass from giving us that ‘diamond bright‘ look.

People call them by all kinds of names: hard water stains, lime scale, mineral deposits, hard water deposits, etc.  But whatever you call them, they are a pain in the a_ _ !!!  Read More →

Who knows their “true calling”?

Are you happy in your current position or job?  Do you know what your true calling is or was?  Did you settle?  Do you think you could be doing something more productive?  Or, have you, ever even considered any of these questions? I think most of us HAVE questioned ourselves, our lives, our careers at some point  – but do we think it’s too late to bother changing things now?  Perhaps the reality may be the old saying, “it’s never too late…” Read More →

Organizing the kids artwork

kids artwork 002
How do you deal with your child’s “beautiful” artwork from school, daycare and/or pre-school?  There is a virtual plethora of paper that streams through your door on a daily basis.  Are we really expected to KEEP all this?!  If you actually ASK your children, they will unequivocally  say, “YES!”   My first recommendation is – Do NOT ask your children. 😉 In the future, they will thank-you for not handing them 10 boxes filled with stuff for them to unclutter when they come of age.
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No Scouring? No Kidding!

Have you ever had trouble cleaning grease and grime and baked-on goods from your pots and pans, and other surfaces? I know I sure have! If you wanna get down to the “nitty gritty” without having to get “down and dirty”, give this old solution a try! Read More →

Lets talk about Coconut Oil

Coconut oil – did you know all the benefits? Is this a “WOW” product or what?!
Some Varieties of Coconut Oil
I have been educating myself on this product and I’m finding out plenty of areas it can benefit you. Let’s talk about the many benefits: weight loss, better digestion, thyroid, heart, immune system, skin, hair, plus antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and more!!!!!
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Make things easier – 3 tips, 3 rooms in your home

Sometimes it just takes something small to help us say, “ahhhhhhhh, that’s better”. Things in life can get hectic, cluttered and very time consuming. Today I want to share a few tips you can begin to incorporate in your home right away. With these three suggestions, you will find help in three different areas in the home;
*Find more storage space, instantly in the bedroom,
*Less conflict in the bathroom,
*More time and money in your pocket with my kitchen tip
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Quick Ditch – the Expired Spices

Ahhh spices…. We all have a cupboard or spice rack with plenty of herbs and spices we don’t even use, perhaps have never even heard of. Then we wonder, ‘what on earth did we buy this one for?’ Once upon a time, you were probably trying some fabulous new recipe, but perhaps NEVER attempted that fabulous recipe EVER, ever again. Miraculously, five years have passed and you kept that spice “just in case” you needed it. Well, I got news for you – it’s expired! Dump it. It’s just taking up room in your life.

I have a little information to help you decide what you should consider cleaning out of your spices supply. Read More →

Easy – Baby Steps to Start Getting Organized

Detail in meadow
Is the thought of cleaning out a cluttered space at home, extremely daunting? Does the idea of having to purge, sort, and organize make you cringe? Sometimes just thinking about the enormity of the task, can send you spinning. And it’s true sometimes – it IS quite a job! We all have busy lives and tend to put organizing on the backburner again and again and again, until the task has become more than we care to deal with. This is the time of year we spend a lot of time indoors, so it can be a great time to get started with baby steps. This is a great tip to help you get organized with little effort and you will barely notice, however results will be fulfilling – ahhhhhhh 🙂

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“Decanting” – Not just for wine

When we think of “decanting”, what do you think of 1st? RED WINE! That’s right! And, of course, that’s possibly the best one ;).  Buuuuut there are many other things we can move from one package, into another container. People have many different reasons for doing this – mine are ‘to make things look prettier’ and mostly for ‘organization.
Decanting not just for wine 009
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Don’t forget the Batteries for Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As I wish you “Happy Holidays”, I can’t help but post a teeny bit of advice. I find, on Christmas morning, we are always searching for just the right size battery – to no avail… We have to disappoint the little ones on a day when all the stores are closed and they are just dying to play with their motorized, flying, singing, walking, talking or whatever…/toy. I’m suggesting you add the appropriate battery with the gift you are giving(to anyone – not just the kids 😉 ). Or, be sure and stock up on all the average size batteries before it’s too late (most are “AA”, “AAA”, or “C”). You will make someone very happy on Christmas morning. I hope it’s you. 😀 Have a wonderful holiday.
Thanks for tuning in.